Capturing Movement at the U.Va.

A few years ago I proposed an art and science conference to the Calder Foundation, a sort of meeting of the minds centered around the work of sculptor Alexander Calder. Last week, this idea came to fruition at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, thanks to the efforts of Vice Provost for the Arts Beth Turner and her team at the art museum, Vice President for Research Tom Skalak, the Calder Foundation, and our fantastic participants.

In addition to helping select the speakers for the conference, I moderated two panels – one on Art, Science and Innovation at Work, and one on Action and Perception. We brought down two art pieces from New York – O2 by Zilvinas Kempinas, and Small Sphere and Heavy Sphere by Alexander Calder.

Physicist Peter Steinberg from the Brookhaven Lab tweeted: “What a blur. Morning panel (me, Kempinas, mitton, Bart-smith) went, um, swimmingly once we noticed common interest in hydrodynamics.” A great time was had by all!

Small Sphere and Heavy Sphere crowd

Crowd gathering to see Small Sphere and Heavy Sphere by Alexander Calder
(set in motion by Sandy Rower).

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